JAC General Service is a growing company dedicated to solid waste collection and disposal services (valet trash doorstep), painting, electricity, plumbing, gardening, carpentry or repair in general, providing quality, practical and innovative service.


Contribute to the conservation of the environment and improve the quality of life of our customers.

1. Guaranteed service at the customer’s door.

2. Comfort for residents not having to move to the dumpster.

3. Reduction of bad odors and pests.

4. Contribute to the order in the area of the dumpster, allowing it to remain free of waste for the pleasure and well-being of residents and visitors.

5. Facility for final disposal of waste by the county garbage collection unit.

To become the preferred company of general services to the city, adapting to the needs of each client thanks to our excellent standards of quality, professionalism and ethical values.

Being a company that cares about the conservation of the environment and the quality of life of our customers, through a professional, efficient, responsible and accessible human resource for continuous improvement, without ruling out the opportunity to grow alongside other companies that require our services, thereby creating an alliance of mutual benefits.